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Source: WATV.ORG

[Ayachucho (Peru) / March 21, 2011]

Enhanced Consciousness on the Environmental Protection

Primy Alca Chamba

As Semana Santa (Holy Week) is just around the corner, a group of children, youth and adults toured through the main streets of Ayacucho as part of “Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign for the Passover 2012.”

The event was intended to raise awareness among the people of Ayacucho, with brooms in hands and placards, cleaning the streets as a sign to encourage cleanup activities and environmental conservation.

Deacon Edison Castro Borja in charge of the branch church [of the Church of God] said, “This campaign is based on the love of God. The Passover, a feast established by God, is a day celebrating the blood of Jesus, who is the Passover lamb. Through the blood of Jesus, we can escape disasters. So we came here to prepare the Passover with clean streets.”

Finally, calling the attention of the passers-by, the group of church members continued their way through the main streets of the city.