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Source: WATV.ORG

Environmental Cleanup Campaign in Obersendling

[March 23, 2011 / Obersendling, Germany] On a clear day, 15 members of the World Mission Society Church of God gathered near the Aidenbachstraße underground station. They collected garbage, which could be found, in their plastic bags for about 2 hours. At the end, 10 trash bags were filled with cigarette butts, bottle stoppers, broken glass and other debris lying in the streets.

Ratizingerplatz looked like a garbage dump when compared to a near square in Munich just before this event. A bus station at the Aidenbachstraße station also required cleanup. Now a scrap of garbage is not seen – not even a cigarette butt there.

The Environmental Cleanup Campaign before the Passover was carried out simultaneously by the Church of God in about 1,900 cities including Munich in 150 countries.

The World Mission Society Church of God, which started from South Korea, wants to purify the world and your hearts with this environmental action.