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Source: WATV.ORG

[March 26, 2011 / Berlin Evening Journal]

Spring Cleaning at the Federal Square

Worldwide Environmental Campaign against Rubbish and Waste – Cleaned up by 30 Volunteers

Wilmersdorf. Last Sunday, equipped with warm jackets, pliers, grippers, brooms and bags, about 30 volunteers fought against garbage and trash around the Federal Square. “Through this campaign, we want to awaken a sense of responsibility for neighborhood and environmental consciousness,” said Julian George of the Evangelical Free Church of God in Wexstraße, which organized the event. This street clean-up campaign took place on this day simultaneously in many other places in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania, which have been carried out regularly since 2007. Berlin branch of the Church of God does not content with an action once a year. She takes action to clean up the streets and squares every month. Here, the members of this church are not reluctant to remove chewing gum from pavements, put dog waste in plastic bags or even pick up little pieces between shrubs – much to the delight of local residents, who appreciate such activities.

The Berliner Stadtreinigung (the public cleansing service in Berlin) supports the project willingly. “When we asked about this activity at first, we got an immediate response from the BSR with open ears,” said Julian George. The BSR provides the voluntary waste collectors with everything they need, and picks up the trash bags. This time, there were ten 60-liter sacks filled with glass, plastics and other rubbish.