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Why couldn’t Israelites, who believed in God faithfully, accept Jesus Christ two thousand years ago?

They had been waiting for Messiah for a long time. However when their Savior came into Israel to save them, they denied and even crucified their Messiah.

Why? It’s because Christ came in the flesh. They could not find anything special in Him.

    John ch 10 verse 33

Most surprisingly, the same tragedy repeats in this age. There are people who think that God cannot be born as a man. But the Bible clearly prophesied that Jesus would come a second time.


Really, Christ is the mystery of God. People who do not believe in the Bible cannot accept Him.

    Colossians ch 2 verse 2 and John ch 5 verse 39

Only God’s people can recognize the Second Coming Jesus as well as the First Coming Jesus.

    John ch 1 verse 12

How blessed is the person who acknowledges and accepts the Christ in the flesh in this era!