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Church of God: Worldwide Environmental Clean-up Campaign

Source: WATV.ORG

[Cambodia Sin Chew Daily / March 21, 2011]

Worldwide Movement of Church of God: 200 Church Members Participated in the Cleanup Campaign at the Olympic Stadium

Yesterday, 200 volunteers gathered at the Olympic Stadium to participate in the international environmental cleanup campaign. The World Mission Society Church of God hosted this cleanup event, and most especially Buzzum Serei, Vice President of the Department of Physical Education, came and gave life to the event.

“To preserve and clean up the environment is a big challenge of all nations around the world, and it’s a hot issue that all people should have an interest in and focus on,” said Mr. Serei. “Although Cambodia is a Buddhist country, we must cooperate closely to conserve and take care of our environment.”

Lee, Yong-moon of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), said that the event was carried out simultaneously by 1,900 churches, in more than 150 countries including Cambodia.

And he stressed that the Church of God has arranged the Worldwide Campaign regularly to cure the world and reduce pollution with warm touch of love when the feast of Passover is coming near every year. Lee also added that this event can help to promote and enhance better understanding of environmental cleanup of all people. The church keeps the Passover this year on April 14.