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Source: WATV.ORG

[Q’hubo (a regional newspaper in Medellin; Colombia) / January 16, 2012]

“El Playon” stayed shiny

A massive environmental clean-up campaign in the neighborhood of Medellin with the community involvement

How can’t it get clean with so many people together like this? The clean-up activity of this day was carried out by 120 participants in the area of “El Playon” with tons of waste on the Street 124-52 in Madellin. This event was hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) and sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and several companies.

Nationwide campaign

The Church of God conducted this campaign simultaneously in many cities including Barranquilla, Cali and Bogota as well as Paisa. The representative of the Church of God in Madellin said, “we hope that this activity will provide an opportunity to reduce the pollution and global warming problems, and to promote similar activities in the community”.

The members of the Church of God participated in this clean-up campaign with pleasure from 8 a.m. to noon and gathered garbage bags with trash together in one place.

“We are practicing a good Samaritan movement and celebrating the Second Coming of Christ. Many neighbors in “El Playon” also supported this clean-up campaign,” said Tatiana Valencia (19) who joined this campaign. Let’s go to the area where the clean-up activity took place, today. You will meet more clean and pleasant environment.


Upper: “Good Samaritans”, who participated in the clean-up campaign, wearing gloves, caps and scarfs are posing for the camera

Lower: All members are willingly carrying out the clean-up campaign. While collecting trash, a participant is enjoying improvising cart-carrying race, making the activity more pleasant. / Photos by Daniel González