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Most people including non-believers around the world enjoy Christmas on December 25th every year. However, there may be many who will be surprised when they realize that Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus Christ. In fact, it’s well-known fact. For people who believe in God, Christmas is the biggest festival. But how irony: Christmas is not based on the Bible! As you see from the video above, Jesus could not be born in Winter.

    Luke ch 2 verse 5

Keeping watch over the sheep and lambs outside in Winter was not possible. Therefore, Jesus could not be born in Winter. Then, what day is December 25? Amazingly, it’s the birthday of sun god. So if you celebrate Christmas, you are worshiping sun god. How dreadful is it? Nevertheless, some people insist that it doesn’t matter to celebrate Christmas because they are worshiping God on that day. Is it reasonable? Then, do you think it’s reasonable if you celebrate the birthday of Buddha or a Muslim festival as Resurrection Day? The answer is “No.” We must not participate in any pagan festivals.

    Revelation ch 22 verse 18-19

Once again, Christmas is not based on the Bible, but it’s the birthday of sun god. Celebrating Christmas leads to evildoing:

    Matthew ch 7 verse 21-23

Evildoers cannot enter the kingdom of heaven even though they believe in God. We must do the will of God. Keeping the Passover is the will of God (Luke 22:15.) Let’s keep the Passover through which we can have the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:17-) and believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong who brought the New Covenant.