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1 Corinthians ch 15 verse 41

As you know, in this verse, the stars represent the people of God (Genesis 15:5.) The phrase “star differs from star in splendor” means the glory of the saints who will be saved is different each other. Then, what does “the sun” mean? And what does “the moon” stand for? Let’s look at the following verse:

Genesis ch 37 verse 9

Therefore, we can understand easily that the sun represents “Father” and the moon “Mother.” In the Genesis Chapter 37, the starts represent brothers on this earth (11 brothers of Joseph.) But in the 1st┬áCorinthians, the stars stand for spiritual (heavenly) brothers and sisters. So the sun in the 1st Corinthians represents Heavenly Father, and the moon “Heavenly Mother.” The Apostle Paul clearly testified to┬áthe existence of Heavenly Mother:

Galatians ch 4 verse 26

Without believing in Heavenly Mother [God the Mother], we cannot be saved in this age of the Holy Spirit. God also let us know the existence of God the Mother through the principle of life as well as the Bible. All living creatures are given life through their mothers. Likewise, our spiritual life (or eternal life) is given us through our spiritual Mother. In the book Genesis, the Hebrew word “Elohim” (which means “Gods”) is used. In this age, the Holy Spirit and the bride give us the water of life, or eternal life:

2_Revelation ch 22 verse 17

The Spirit is God the Father according to Trinity. Then who is the bride? (Some insist that the bride is saints. But sinners cannot give the water of life to other sinners. Only God can give us the water of life or eternal life). ┬áThe bride is heavenly Jerusalem (Revelation 21:9-10.) And heavenly Jerusalem is our Mother (Galatians 4:26.) Therefore, in the age of the Holy Spirit, God the Father and God the Mother give us the water of life (see the section “Jerusalem Mother” of WMSCOG.ORG.) Please believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father and receive salvation.