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The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong as the Second Coming Jesus. It’s because the Bible testifies about Him. You can easily understand this through the articles such as “The Parable of the Fig Tree,” “The Order of Melchizedek,” “The Tree of Life and Christ Ahnsahnghong,” and others at the web page

Irregardless of such clear evidences,  there are people who regard Christ Ahnsahnghong as just a prophet, not the Second Coming Jesus. They claim: “Ahnsahnghong-nim had never said that He Himself was the Christ.  Therefore, it’s wrong to believe in Ahnsahnghong-nim as the Second Coming Jesus.” Is it true?

Christ Ahnsahnghong had an interview with a magazine 4 years before He ascended to heaven. The following is the article containing His interview.

Interview with the Weekly Religion Magazine on March 18, 1981

In summary, the Second Coming Jesus is to appear in the flesh as did the First Coming Jesus, in order to complete the remaining 37 years of David’s throne (The First Coming Jesus was to reign 40 years of David’s throne, but did his ministry for only 3 years.) In addition, the Second Coming Christ should bring the everlasting covenant which is the Passover of the New Covenant as the sign of the prophetical David. This is the prophecy Ahnsahnghong-nim evidenced in the magazine article above.

Then, who fulfilled this prophecy. Christ Ahnsahnghong Himself did.

Christ Ahnsahnghong was baptized at the age of 30 in 1948 (when Israel was reborn) and preached the good news of the kingdom according to the prophecy of the fig tree. Also, He brought us the Passover of the New Covenant which is the sign only the Second Coming can grant. And He ascended to heaven in 1985 after 37 years of His ministry. He Himself fulfilled the prophecy He mentioned in the interview with the Weekly Religion Magazine (see above.)

What does this mean? Ahnsahnghong-nim clearly evidenced that He was the Second Coming Jesus who came to the earth in accordance with the prophecies of the Bible. Do you still think that Ahnsahnghong-nim is one of prophets such as Jeremiah? If the Apostle Peter had been living in this era, he would have said:

Ahnsahnghong-nim is the Christ and living God who came to the earth.