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Some slanderers raise an absurd claim against the WMSCOG by saying that the World Mission Society Church of God has been brainwashing its members so that they could not leave the church. They insist that the WMSCOG says: “We can be saved only by keeping the Passover,” “The Sabbath is the worship day Jesus appointed,” “It’s God’ will to preach God’s words,” and so on.

I want to ask a question to those who raise such an unreasonable claim. “Have you ever read the Bible?” God stressed the importance of the Passover, the Sabbath and preaching throughout the Bible.  Then, do you think God is brainwashing us?  The reason God emphasizes the Passover is because He wants His children to be saved from all kinds of disasters.

Exodus ch 12 verse 11-14

Mother always cares for her children by saying every day: “Take care of yourself,” “Be careful of cars,” “Be careful of a cold,” and so on. Is she brainwashing her children? God also cares for His children. The 66 books of the Bible contain the words of God for our salvation. Isn’t it natural that God’s children, who realized the will of God, are preaching the words of God? Jesus also asked us to do preach His Words:

Matthew ch 28 verse 18-20

Jesus clearly said, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Read the Bible carefully to find out what Jesus commanded us. The Passover, the Sabbath, preaching… all these are the commandments of God’s commandments.

There is a Korean proverb, “If you have a twisted mouth, say it right.” This means that you should say the right things even if the situation is not agreeable to you.  Is it brainwashing to teach other people to obey everything Jesus commanded? On the contrary, it is the slanderers who are brainwashing people by distributing false and vicious information about the WMSCOG as if they were true through cult seminar, forced religion-conversion education, etc. They just twist the fact cunningly and present false and fabricated documents in order to defame the World Mission Society Church of God without presenting clear evidences. Think carefully: who are brainwashing people? The slanderers are creating and promoting religious hatred which can destroy families. Please click here for more about the identity of those who slander the WMSCOG.