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Know-How refers to a unique skilled technology and information of a person. In the industrial age, those who had Know-How were deemed to be advantageous. For example, if we wanted to go on a trip, we had to find a professional travel agency. As far as we had never been to a destination, we had no way but to rely on a person who already had traveled there. In this reason, people with Know-How had a competitive power.

However, now it’s the age of information and we are receiving information real-time. Really, it’s the age of “Know-Where”, a skill to know where the relevant information could be found and to utilize directly or indirectly such information. More important is to know where the best information is.

For our salvation, Know-Where is also very important advantageous factor. We must know where is the Savior who save us. First, let’s find out who is our Savior.

The one who saves our souls is Jesus, or God. Then, where can we find God?

God chose “Zion” as His everlasting dwelling. The prophet Isaiah explained that this Zion is “where God’s feasts are observed” (Isaiah 33:20.) And it’s also written that those who dwells there will receive the forgiveness of sins. It’s obvious that Zion is the place we are looking for.

Then, what are the feasts, the most important feature of Zion? Did you expect Sunday Service or Christmas as the feasts of God? Unfortunately, they are not God’s feasts, but men’s feasts only. God’s feasts include “the seventh day Sabbath,” “the Passover of the New Covenant” containing the blessing of the forgiveness of sins, and the seven feasts of three times (Exodus 20:8; Luke 4:16; Exodus 12:11-14; Matthew 26:19-28.) Please refer to this web-site about the feasts of God.

Jesus asked the disciples to teach and obey everything He had commanded before His ascension (Matthew 28:20.) By following this Word, the Apostle Paul stressed the importance of keeping the Passover of the New Covenant until Jesus would come again (1 Corinthians 11:23-26.) It’s because that the place God’s feasts are observed is Zion with the promise of salvation.

Today, among really lots of churches around the world, ONLY the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) keeps God’s feasts. The Church of God is Zion in which God, our Savior, gives the forgiveness of sins to His children through God’s feasts.