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The golden time, or the golden hour means a time period which cannot be missed to save the lives of patients. It’s known as 1 hour for severe trauma patients (e.g. patients of car accidents), and 3 hours for stroke patients. If not properly treated within such golden time, the patients will die. Therefore, the golden time must not be wasted.

Recently, the sad death of a female high-school student was aired on TV. She was carried to an emergency room due to sudden abdominal pain and vomiting. However, she had to transferred to other hospital because there were no medical staff at the first hospital. It took about 1 hour for her family to find a hospital with difficulty, but the second hospital also recommended them to move the student to another hospital. At last, the female student died while going to another hospital. She lost her golden time.

Likewise, we also must not lose our golden time to save the lives of our souls. The period of seventy or eighty years when our souls dwells in our body is the golden time for our spirits. We cannot boast about tomorrow since this time, sometime, can be shortened significantly.

The hands of the golden time starts to move as soon as we are born in this world. Have you received first-aid treatment within the fate golden time which cannot be estimated? If not, let’s get a prescription from Jesus who came as a doctor (Mark 2:17).

We can save our lives as long as we eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus. This life lasts forever and is not limited like that of our bodies. Then, how can we eat and drink Jesus’ flesh and blood?

The method to eat and drink the body and the blood of Jesus is to eat and drink the Passover bread and wine. Therefore, we should keep the Passover in order to receive eternal life. The Passover of the New Covenant is first-aid treatment to save our souls.

Haven’t you still receive first-aid treatment for your souls? Even at this moment, the golden time flies. How about receiving emergency care before it’s too late? Otherwise, you might lose your life for good.

NOTE: The WMSCOG (World Mission Society Church of God) believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who restored the New Covenant which had been hidden during the Dark Ages according to the prophecy of the Bible (Hebrews 9:28; Isaiah 25:6-9; Revelation 22:17).