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The story of Treasure Island, written by Robert Stevenson in 1883, begins when Jim Hawkins, the central character in the novel, finds a navy map. It is a map which shows the location of Captain Flint’s treasure. Jim starts a long journey to find treasure. After experiencing many twists and turns, Jim and his friends find treasure.

You might have dreamed of setting out on an adventure to find treasure with a treasure map in one hand. Some wish to obtain a treasure map accidentally like Jim Hawkins, and others try to find it actively. And also there are people who just dream of it.

Can we possess a treasure map which indicates the location of eternal treasure? The treasure we want to obtain is written in the Bible:

The Bible says that all the treasures are hidden in Christ. Then, what is the treasure hidden in Christ or God? It’s very eternal life. Christ promised that He would give eternal life to those who eat and drink His flesh and blood (John 6:53.) Only those who receive the promise of eternal life can enter the eternal kingdom of heaven where there are no pain and sorrow. Therefore, God is the greatest treasure to us. So, what is the treasure map through which we can find such spiritual treasure?

It’s written that the Bible testifies about Christ. Therefore, we must look at the “Bible” to find Christ who is our treasure. However, the treasure map or the Bible is not a book everybody can see.

Though anyone can own and see the treasure map, not everyone can perceive it: it’s the Bible. Then, who is Christ, the treasure we should realize?

Christ, who is the treasure and the secrets of the kingdom of heaven we must know in this Holy Spirit Age, is “the Spirit and the bride.” In other words, we should seek God the Father (who is the Spirit) and Heavenly Mother (who is the bride) to receive eternal life and return to the kingdom of heaven.

It will be most unfortunate if we cannot find treasure though possessing the treasure map in our hands. How about asking those who already found Christ of this age if you still have not understood the secrets of the Bible? You might be able to meet Christ, the eternal treasure.