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It happened in the end of the 1850’s, a few years before the Civil War broke out.

A boy in shabby clothes came to the mansion of a rich man named Taylor who owned plantations in Ohio. He was looking for a job. Taylor hired him because he was suffering from a shortage of labor. The boy was called “Jim” and was just 17 years old.

Three years later, Taylor learned that his only daughter fell in love with Jim. Taylor was very angry at the fact that a worker loved his daughter. Jim was beaten and expelled from the farm without bringing anything with him.

Around 35 years had passed since then. Taylor found the bag of Jim by chance while destroying an old barn. A book was found in the bag. The real name of Jim was written in the book:  James A. Garfield. It was the name of the president at that time. He became the president of a country.

At that moment, how did Taylor regret his blind discerning eye? Nothing is more dangerous than to judge a person with his appearance rather than his inside.

Taylor lost a man who could have been of big help to him due to his poor discerning eye. Most people may feel sorry for his foolishness. However, there are more pity people than Taylor. They are those who could not recognize the Savior who came to the earth to give eternal life.

Two thousand years ago, the Jews rejected and even crucified Jesus because they thought He did not look better than them.

Their spiritual eyes were blinded by the thought that the Savior should come in a glorious appearance. However, it’s prophesied in the Bible that the Savior who would come to the earth had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,┬ánothing in his appearance that we should desire Him.

What would be the result of those who reject the Savior though seeing the prophecy of the Bible? It’s obvious! Then, how about this age of the Holy Spirit? It’s prophesied that the Spirit and the bride, the Saviors of the Holy Spirit age, would come to the earth to give mankind the water of life.

According to this prophecy, the Saviors have come from the ends of the earth in the east in the same appearance with us. They are Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother. How were you serious in accepting this news? Taylor lost a great person due to his poor discerning eye.  2000 years ago, the Jews did not have a spiritual eye to recognize the Savior, and they were curse and could not receive salvation. Do you have a spiritual eye to recognize the Savior?