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Clean-up Campaign for the Passover- Peru3

Reported at LA PRENSA DE MOQUEGUA on March 19, 2013

(Source: WATV)

Global clean-up campaign to heal the sick earth is held simultaneously in 150 countries including Korea. It’s “Worldwide Environmental Clean-up Campaign for the Passover 2013,” conducted by the World Mission Society Church of God.

The Church explained that the purpose of this activity was to inform the communities about the severity of the global warming and environmental contamination and attract their participation in the campaigns in order to protect the lives of neighbors of the global village from natural disasters.

The clean-up campaign will take place in various locations including mountains, rivers, oceans, parks, historical sites, streets and schools, considering regional characteristics and needs of each country.

The campaign is to be conducted in cooperation with governmental offices, district municipalities, provincial, regional or public community centers. It is expected that it will draw the attention of people towards the environment and environmental pollution.

The Church of God has paid particular attention to the environmental protection, which is home for mankind. It has been conducting clean-up activities in mountains, rivers, seas, beaches, streams, park, streets, etc. Last weekend, they cleaned up the beaches of ILO, which helped keep the environment clean.


The Church has carried out 1,272 clean-up campaigns for more than a decade from January 2001 to 2012, excluding small-scale campaigns which have not been taken account of.