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It was an 80-year woman who seriously impaired the face of Jesus. She tried to restore a mural while working as a volunteer at a church in Spain because she was upset that parts of it had flaked off due to moisture on the church’s walls. It was a century-old Ecce Homo (meaning “Behold the Man”) fresco of Jesus crowned with thorns.

The restoration ended up in a terrible mess despite good intentions. She managed to turn a depiction of Christ called Ecce Homo into a mix between a sloth and a hairy monkey.

The well-intentioned failure was caused by a wrong method. If she truly had loved the painting, she should have received the help of a professional restorer. How can an amateur painter, who had never been educated in relevant area, thoughtlessly touch a work of art painted with passion by an artist? This funny failure might not have happened if she respected the artist and also had the humble mind.

We must seek an expert in relevant area to restore something properly without damaging it. There are those who performed the worst ever restoration in world history without following this simple principle. They were religious reformers. The Roman Catholic Church was so corrupt that it was really different from Zion which contained a promise of the blessings of eternal life. We can understand how much they felt pity for the reality.

However, they did also bite off more than they could chew with enthusiasm alone like the amateur ‘restorer’ who ruined the fresco. Many religious reformers tried to restore Zion. But the result was miserable as much as like the botched face of Jesus. Religious reformation led to appearance of false churches like so many mushrooms after a rain.

In the Bible, Zion is where “God’s appointed feasts” are observed. The feasts of God, which were established Jesus, include the Sabbath day and the seven feasts of three times such as the Passover. The place where such feasts are observed is Zion with the blessings of eternal life.

Look upon Zion, the city of our festivals [the city of our appointed feasts (ESV); a place of holy festivals (NLT)]… (Isaiah 33:20)

But the churches restored by religious reformers were false churches with man-made festivals such as Christmas, Sunday service, Thanksgiving day, etc. Such churches cannot be Zion. Numerous false churches, which had been restored by reformers, were very different from the original one established by Jesus. What’s wrong with them? The biggest problem was that restoration was made by their own will and thoughts without seeking God, restoration expert, whom the Bible testifies about.

For the LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory. (Psalms 102:16)

Jesus, original builder of Zion, is the only One who can restore Zion perfectly to its original shape. God already knew that Zion, which He founded 2,000 years ago, would be ruined. So He prophesied that He would appear a second time as a professional Restorer.

so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.  (Hebrews 9:28)

The One who restored the Sabbath and the seven feasts of three times including the Passover: He is our God. There is only one church in the world, which has been restored to its original shape of Zion established by Jesus: it’s the World Mission Society Church of God or WMSCOG.

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Jesus established the New Covenant for our salvation (Matthew 26:17-28; Mark 14:12-24; Luke 22:7-20.) However, the truth of life disappeared during the Dark Ages. So it’s prophesied that only the Root of David is worthy to open the sealed Bible to lead us to salvation (Revelation 5:1-6; Hosea 3:5; Revelation 22:16.) According to the prophecy of the Bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong came as the Root of David and revealed secrets hidden in the Bible. He brought us the Passover of the New Covenant as a sign (Isaiah 55:3; Hebrews 13:20.)  Please refer to this page for more about Christ Ahnsahnghong.

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Last Supper

The ‘Ecce Mono’ (Ecce Monkey) version of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. This is a meme that circulated throughout the Internet.