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The World Mission Society Church of 112 God in Darkhan is reaching out a helping hand

Newspaper: Shine Medee (Mongolia) / Date: January 7, 2013

This Church was founded in Korea in 1964 and currently has around 2,200 branch churches in 150 countries around the world. And the Church has been spread to the world under the name of the World Mission Society Church of God. The Church of God started its activity in Mongolia in 2004 and in Darkhan-Uul Province in 2009 by obtaining official approval from the authorities. The goal of this Church is to preach the prophecies of the Bible with hard evidence and to communicate a wide range of information. Also, it gives faith of life, power and wish of escaping the pain and suppression of life. Furthermore, the Church has been conducting various voluntary services.

Some examples of the voluntary services of this Church include:

  1. On March 11, 2012, two tons of wastes were collected from 4,000 m2 streets in an apartment area of District No. 8, Darkhan-Uul Province. Some laborers of District No. 8 as well as 31 members of the Church participated in this clean-up campaign. The Church of God carried out clean-up campaigns in this district two times so far. The Church supported 33,200 MNT as the cost of banners, invitation cards, microphone batteries and film development.
  2. On April 29, 2012, more than 400 members participated in a campaign to clean up 6,000 m2 streets near Hara River, Darkhan-Uul Province. The Church of God supported 76,580 MNT to pay for banners, clean-up campaign preparation and meals. This voluntary service carried out in Darkhan was the ‘1,371st Worldwide Voluntary Service’ of this Church.
  3. On July 25, 2012, the Church of God performed a blood drive in Darkhan Hospital. Twenty five saints joined in this blood donation drive. Non-saints also voluntarily participated in this event. Also, the Church spent 1,750 MNT on banners and meals.

The voluntary services of this Church have been carried out in 150 countries around the world including Mongolia. Currently, the Church of God has four branch churches in Ulaanbaatar, which have also conducted voluntary services and received various awards from the Ministry of Water Supply and the Ministry of Environment of Mongolia. The Church of God around the world has been united under the slogan “The Whole World with the Love of Mother,” and has been committed to set an example with good deeds to others and create a better life for future.

The World Mission Society Church of God has paid the taxes and social insurance costs regularly within the time for payment and has followed all applicable laws and regulations of Mongolia. Also, the Church participated in a forum for religious groups held at the Child Welfare Center on December 10, 2012.

The Church presented coal and firewood to its neighbors with a warm heart like the love of Mother. The Church of God in Darkhan supported 40 bags of coal and firewood to 10 households in commemoration of the Day of the New Jerusalem.

A warm breeze of love blows to a global village. A breeze of love which makes dying lives alive with the heart of Mother who cares for children and which gives hope to neighbors who are suffering from diseases. This love is essential for mankind of this age when people are getting hard-hearted due to disputes and antagonism.
It is the World Mission Society Church of God (Chief Pastor: Joo-cheol Kim), a global religious group, that causes this warm breeze. They has been conducting massive voluntary services around the world beyond borders and religions in commemoration of the ‘Day of New Jerusalem 2012’ and created a sensation.

“Celebrating the Day of New Jerusalem, we would like to spread the greatest love and good news of Mother who saves mankind.” The Church of God explained the purpose of the global sharing love.

The voluntary services in this round are intended to target the whole world as well as Mongolia. The World Mission Society Church of God has been carried out such activities as massive blood drive, clean-up campaign, briquette delivery, a party in honor of the aged and visit to a government office or organization, considering the special nature of each country or region and the needs of each local government or community.

On Monday December 31, 2012, the Church of God in Darkhan provided 10 homes in Darkhan-Uul Province with 20 bags of coal and 20 bags of firewood respectively.

The Mongolian winter is so unbearable cold that heating fuel is absolutely necessary. However, the fuel cost is expensive, which increases the burden on people in need. “In commemoration of the Day of New Jerusalem 2012, we took action to deliver the love of God the Mother to neighbors who are having a tough life,” said Pastor Shin, Joo-ho of the Church of God in Darkhan. “We are happy to help them spend a warm winter.”

That day, coal and firewood were delivered to each home by Pastor and members of the Church. “I was anxious about this winter because I was told that it would be especially cold this year. I feel relief and happy to receive coal and firewood,” said Odonchimeg who had three children.

As is well known, the World Mission Society Church of God believes that God the Mother exists as well as God the Father based on the Bible. The Church has 2,200 branch churches in 150 countries around the world. It is a large-scale church whose number of registered members is about 1.75 million.

The Church of God is well known for practicing the love of God the Mother as well as its missionary work based on the Bible. The Church has been conducting heartfelt activities including Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover, various disaster recovery activities such as global environmental protection campaigns, campaigns to help neighbors in need, and supporters’ activity. The devoted voluntary services of this Church, which has been carried out in every part of the globe, are greatly welcomed by the governments of each country and the U.N.

The Church of God said, “Just as children in danger need their mothers, so people, who are living among disasters, diseases, famines, economic depression and climate catastrophes, need the love of God the Mother in our days. We hope that humans will come to God the Mother to receive true peace and happiness, and furthermore, salvation.” -End-


NOTE: The Bible testifies about the existence of God the Mother from the first book Genesis to the last book Revelation. In the Scriptures, God is the translation of “Elohim” which means “Gods” and is the plural form of “El” or “Eloah.” And in this Holy Spirit age, the Spirit and the bride give us the water of life (Revelation 22:17.) Now we must believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to receive the water of life according to the Bible. Please see the following short video: