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A news article attracted my attention: a two-year old girl named Matheryn Noavaratpong has been cryopreserved in the hope she will one day be revived. She lost 80 per cent of the left side of her brain due to brain tumor. Despite putting up a tough fight, the cancer eventually spread across the entirety of Matheryn’s brain. At last, they decided to cryopreserve her body until a cure is found and means to regrow her body are discovered.

Two-year-old is the youngest ever person to be cryogenically frozen

I could feel the sentiment of her parents who wanted to revive somehow. However, if they had known that the essence of life does not depend on earthly body but on the spirit which belongs to the breath of life of God, they would not have acted as such.

And the LORD heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into him again, and he revived. (1 Kings 17:22)

The Bible teaches us that the boy lived when his soul returned to him. On the contrary, when the soul of the child wasn’t in his body, we was dead. Therefore, the essence of life is “soul”; whether the body is alive or dead should be determined by whether the soul is in the body or not.

However, her parents did not realize that the essence of life is soul and determined to freeze (cryopreserve) her body. Will there be life within the frozen body? Will she be able to regain her life when her body is warmed up again?

This article reminded me of the importance of realizing the principle of our souls. In addition, how it is important to know that we should receive the Savior of this age – Christ Ahnsahnghong – and the Passover of new covenant, the truth of life, while we are on this earth…