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Bible Study in WMSCOG is Amazing.

Bible Study in WMSCOG is Amazing.

I started attending a Protestant church with my in-laws after my marriage. I gradually came to have faith in God, but I couldn’t understand why they would just tell me to believe without clarifying my doubts about the Bible. And I did not like the way the pastor would exert his authority over the church as if his words were directly related to salvation, and sometimes I was hurt by the authoritative attitude of the church staff and leaders. Around that time, I started to work, so I naturally stopped attending the church. But still in the corner of my mind I hoped that someone would guide me back to church. Not long after I opened my own store selling bags, one of my customers came over to look for a bag to carry her Bible. Somehow I felt close to her; I didn’t know why, but I opened up to her.

“I want to attend church again, but I don’t know which one to go to.”

The next day, she came over again to teach me the truth of the Bible. I was so amazed and surprised when studying the Word. Though it was late at night, there was no reason for me to postpone receiving the blessing of being a child of God. I could not wait to study the Bible every day. Sometimes, I was troubled and conflicted because the truth was new and unfamiliar to me, but after studying the amazing and convincing prophecies, all my doubts were cleared away and I was able to solidify my faith. I thought my husband would understand God’s word better than me because he had been believing in God. Contrary to my expectations, however, when I talked about the Bible, he stubbornly insisted on denying the truth. Just at the right time, our Church was featured in a monthly magazine. So I gathered up my courage again and gave him the magazine to read. A few days later, my husband told me that he wanted to know about our Church, and on the following day he studied the Word seriously. However, because of his long-lasting stereotypes, he felt very confused.

“Honey, this surely is the truth. So, how sad and regretful will it be if you fail to enter heaven because of a rash and wrong decision. Please continue to study the Bible while praying to God to help you understand the truth.”

As he studied the Word continuously, his attitude changed gradually. Then one day, he confessed that Father and Mother are the true Gods who give us salvation, just as Peter confessed, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,” and he pledged himself to follow the truth till the end. These days he is studying the Bible more diligently to lead his mother and sister into the truth. I give thanks to God for leading my husband to WMSCOG, and I am also thankful to the brothers and sisters of WMSCOG for praying for my husband’s soul together with one mind. Before, my family used to always wait for the weekends and holidays when we could take rest, but now the Sabbath is the most anticipated day for us. Through God’s grace we are able to attend every worship service, so we greet the Sabbath more joyfully. Since my family has become more harmonious by loving God’s commands, studying the Bible together, and putting the Teachings of God the Mother into practice, I want my parents and in-laws to become part of the heavenly family, too.

I have another wish; I earnestly desire to become a faithful worker of the new covenant and preach Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to my heart’s content. Earnestly hoping that my dream will come true, I will do my best for the gospel today, too.