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‘Who on earth am I? Where did I come from and why am I living here on earth? Where did my grandma go when she passed away?’ Nowhere could I find answers to the fundamental questions of life which I had entertained from my childhood days. When I was absorbed in happiness with my first child in my arms, I was struck by a sudden thought:

‘When my child grows as old as me, I will be in the twilight years of my life. Then I will die helplessly someday. Is this all that life really means?’

I was overwhelmed by an unbearable feeling of emptiness in my life. I felt that there might be the creator and owner of my soul somewhere. With a faint hope, I started attending a church. Leaving all worldly pleasures behind, I read the Bible diligently and prayed earnestly to God to help me understand the word of God. My family and I spent over ten years devoting ourselves to the church with the conviction of our salvation. However, the church that claimed to follow the will of God did not do what the Bible says. After much conflict, I left the church and traveled everywhere to find the truth.

After wasting quite a long time, I heard about God the Mother last spring in the World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG). It was really surprising and amazing, but I hesitated to go to the church because I was afraid that it might not be the church which I had been looking for. I just kept hesitating, and a couple of months later, I finally became a child of Heavenly Mother. My wandering came to an end thanks to the devotional love of Heavenly Mother who did not even spare Her life to find Her lost children, rather than my earnestness to find the truth.

I wanted to deliver this good news to my family first. However, I was not courageous enough to do so. I prayed to Father and Mother to lead my family to the way of salvation. One month later, my husband and two sons came to WMSCOG. Now my second son, who is studying in Australia, attends WMSCOG there, building up his faith. This is all thanks to God’s boundless grace.

My husband and I put our minds together and delivered the Word to our relatives. Since they had been displeased with me for having changed from one religion to another, they all rejected the truth. I was especially heartbroken to see the stubborn attitude of my mom because she used to accept my desires. When my mom was hanging between life and death due to an unknown disease, I became more worried and distressed. My heart was so anxious at the thought that my loving mom might die without knowing the truth. The only thing that I could do was to pray.

God answered my prayer although it was weak and poor; my mom changed her mind and received Heavenly Mother after she left the hospital. The light of a new life started to shine on her haggard face. In spite of being at the old age of 80, she showed great intelligence like a young person when she listened to the words of God. Now she prays to God with her hands put together, pledging herself never to forget Heavenly Mother.

Though I wasted so much time until I found the truth, God has finally allowed me to find the truth and helped my mom establish her faith in Heavenly Mother. For this, I give thanks to God with all my heart.

SH Han, Korea