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For me, 「The Teachings of Mother」 were just words in a picture frame, and words that were just pasted at the very first page of my Bible.

And I thought that I had been following the Teachings of Mother.

However, when I faced the Teachings of Mother in reality, only then, looking at myself who was forgetting the Teachings of Mother, shed tears of repentance.

When I heard a word of praise, what if I didn’t receive that praise but returned the glory to God?

In that way, I would have had the habit of returning glory to God every moment, even about the smallest things.

What if I have had put on effort to see brothers and sisters beautifully, even if I had seen their faults.

When a brother or sister wanted something that I also wanted, what if I had yielded, not wanting them to yield, and not complaining?

When I was sad because a brother or sister didn’t understand me for the second time, what if I thought of myself that I am a sinner and being disappointed is not suitable for sinners?

When a brother or sister didn’t work together but wanted to find easier way, what if I didn’t think ‘why is he/she thinking that way?” and just firmly worked on my job with a heart of joy?

What if I had always thought of God’s grace, if I had thanked with positive mind even though I had something unfair.

If I had timely praised even though there weren’t anything to be praised, and loved each other.

Remembering that humans are all sinners, prophets or the followers must have faults, if I didn’t think negatively but embraced them even if I saw some faults.

If I have thought of God who showed an example being humble and if I have lived wanting to be more humble…

If I had sacrificed for the things that I couldn’t do, or sacrificed for works that were difficult for me.

If I had patiently thought of Heavenly Kingdom instead of wanting even the smallest pain to go away.

Thinking of God who came to this earth to serve us, what if I had served, with a wide mind, the brother or sister, who wanted to be served?

If only I had lived within the Teachings of Mother

Even though others want to be loved and recognized, I just need to love. Although they want to be served, I just need to serve. If others don’t work, I just need to work without complaints.

The Teachings of Mother were the solution for the problems happening in my daily life.

The solution for hardships, the guidebook for changing a person to a heavenly being, the preparation to go to heaven… that is the Teachings of Mother.

I also make a resolution for today:

To live every hours and seconds in the Teachings of Mother….

When the reality and the Teachings of Mother go against each other, may the Teachings of Mother inside me win.

So I promise myself to be a child who resembles Mother.